A Wisconsin native, Brian brings a “whole-student” perspective to his work at the Academy and is a champion of service learning and authentic student engagement both inside and outside the traditional learning environment.  Brian holds a B.S. in Secondary Education from the University of Wisconsin and began his career as a public high school social studies teacher before he relocated to North Carolina in 2011.  For five years, Brian served as the Director of Education for Trails Carolina Wilderness and was instrumental in guiding the organization through their CARF and OBH accreditation processes as part of the management team.  In his work as Program Supervisor at the Academy, Brian coordinates the various components of the school’s triad of clinical services, academics, and student life to ensure a vibrant and engaging sense of community for students and staff alike.  An avid CrossFit athlete, Brian’s commitment to student health and the positive impacts of exercise underpins student life programming at the Academy and is fundamental in the school’s ability to incur lasting change in its students.  When not at the Academy, Brian enjoys CrossFit, reading, hiking with his dog, and spending time with his family.



Brian Johnson