Trails Academy

A Therapeutic Boarding School

Where Nature and Nurture

Lead to Enduring Change


 Where Nature and Nurture lead to Enduring Change


Trails Academy is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools. Our campus is nestled in the heart of Western Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Situated on over 500 acres, our intentionally small population of 16-22 students allows for a highly individualized program. A nurturing community bolsters each student’s capacity to cultivate his strengths, prepare for the challenges ahead and, ultimately, realize his potential.

The integration of clinical, academic, and student life activities is central to our success. Therapists deliver clinically sophisticated services to both students and families in an environment that feels more personal than institutional. The classroom offers engaging, creative academics and small class sizes; students are empowered to become self-directed, motivated learners 

As one of the top therapeutic boarding schools, our seasoned staff often transcend the labels of therapist and teacher. They develop real relationships with students on mountain bike rides, in games of chess, and around the lunch table. In addition, the expertise of our residential mentors – and their delivery of creative, fun and service-oriented activities – is the underpinning of our robust student life program.

The success our students experience results in enduring change. With newfound confidence and competence, graduates of The Academy are poised to excel within their families, peer groups, communities and, most importantly, within themselves. 

For admissions and information about the academy call 1-888-387-2457 or email us at admissions@trailsacademy.com





As one of the leading therapeutic boarding schools, Trails Academy provides accredited academics in a true classroom setting. Teachers deliver an engaging curriculum tailored to fit individual needs at a student-directed pace. At the Academy, academics are a cornerstone of an integrated program:  as students make clinical progress and develop their passions, they discover their academic potential by taking ownership over their schoolwork. Mastery-based curriculum and small class sizes of 3-7 allow for inventive solutions to students who may otherwise slip through the cracks. Our strong academics is one of the things that sets us apart from other average therapeutic boarding schools.

Therapeutically Supportive

Just as every teen lives with a unique set of strengths and problems, every teen also has different ways in which he responds to structure, builds relationships with a peer group, works with figures of authority, and responds to adults who provide care. Due to its small size and strong staff-to-student ratio, the Academy is able to be flexible and get to know each individual student as a person. The primary therapist collaborates with the student and family in creating a treatment plan and implementing interventions that will work. This is just one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other therapeutic boarding schools.







A cornerstone of the Student Life Program at Trails Academy is the expedition experience. In addition to weekend trips, every few months, the Academy students and staff undertake a regional trip that integrates service learning and academics into an adventure experience. Expeditions have been to whitewater canyons, coastal Islands, Florida mangroves, aquariums, museums, battlefields, and more. Students take schoolwork with them and apply their learning in the places they discover. We set ourselves apart from other therapeutic boarding schools through our adventurous, safe expeditions.

Student Life 

As one of the best therapeutic boarding schools, one of the Academy’s greatest aspirations is to provide a safe, yet challenging environment for students to explore different ways to spend their time outside of class. From mountain biking to climbing and gardening to music production, all students have the opportunity to establish new passions and inspire healthy living. The hope is to plant the seeds of healthy coping mechanisms and hobbies, while also continuing to assist them with finding their own individuality.